A true mind/body exercise and internal martial art.  The ultimate system for health and self defense.  Gain poise, self confidence, strength and balance as you challenge yourself with the hundreds of poses imbedded in the forms.  


A mix of synchronized, deep abdominal breathing and progressive flowing postures, Qigong provides you with a purifying body workout.  You'll develop focus and patience as you increase your flexibility and an overall strength in core balance.  Seasonal Qigong is explored for specific bodily organs and functions  Qigong is for all skill levels with modifications made to suit student needs and fitness level.


Reflection and meditation with deep abdominal breathing to root out tension and daily strain is what we aim to acheive.  Using a sequence of flowing poses, you'll gain introspection and move your body to a heightened state of physiological relaxation. It is a perfect way to cleanse your mind and body of anxiety, tension, and stress from the day.