Meditation Practice

Meditation encourages you to focus on the present, using your breath to relax yourself and align the energy in your body. It clears your mind and reduces negative thoughts and emotions, which can block your ability to be creative and imaginative. A consistent meditation practice can make one more focused, patient and tolerant.

While a dedicated class in meditation is not offered, all classes include some sort of meditation practice. Three different types of meditation practices are explored. The Taoist Relaxed and Calm Standing Meditation method is included as part of the warmup in every class. In addition, two other seated meditation methods are explored in other classes. The Swimming Dragon qi gong class explores Sitting Dragon Meditation which gathers the energy created during the Swimming Dragon and stores it away. In the Eight Pieces of Brocade qi gong class we explore the Taoist Relaxation Mediation which not only relaxes the muscles and nerves but also the organs of the body.