Wu Style Tai Chi

Wu Style Tai Chi Practice

Tai Chi or Taiji literal translation means “supreme ultimate” or “grand ultimate” and refers to the balance of two distinct opposing cosmological energies, yin and yang. Chuan or Quan means fist. Tai Chi Chuan is a fist system (Chinese boxing) that blends softness with energetic movement in accordance with the theory of complementary interaction between yin and yang energies. Tai Chi follows the principles of Qi Gong and TCM and has been known to be called “moving” Qi Gong. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age, sex, physical condition, even those suffering from chronic conditions.

The characteristics of a Tai Chi Quan system are stillness, lightness, agility, slowness, relaxation of the entire body, with everything guided by using the mind and not force. It is performed in the moment, slowly with internal focus fully conscious of every breath and movement your body makes. The slow flowing movements are practiced over time to bring precision and beauty to form. The major benefits being overall fitness and health and ultimately increasing longevity. In older practitioners it is said to return the vigor of youth.

The system of Tai Chi includes various solo “forms” or a collection of postures performed in sequence with a slow moving gentle continuous flow of energy. There are short forms, long forms, slow forms and quick forms. Push hands is a two-person cooperative tai chi form used to demonstrate the application of the movements within the tai chi forms and can be quite energetic at times. For those who want to deepen their studies, training in various weapons forms can be pursued. There are beautiful forms using weapons such as the double edge sword, single edge sword, spear, knife and fan for more advanced studies.

30 movement circular Wu style Tai Chi short form from Shanghai.

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