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There’s good news and more good news!  Learning Tai Chi and Qigong has become more affordable.

New class fees have taken effect in 2024.  Good news is the $20/class pay-as-you-go fee established in 2020 will not change.  More good news – Discounted class fees are now available when purchased in bulk.  The new class fees are:

$20/class – pay-as-you-go rate

$75/month – 1 class in any calendar week of the month. No carry over classes.

$100 – buy 5 classes get one free.  6 classes total. No expiration date.

In addition, gift certificates are now available in any denomination.  Give the gift of health and fitness!

All sales are final!

Click here for more information and a complete schedule of classes at the Brookfield Tai Chi Studio

If you have any questions at any time please Call Sifu Vinny

Remember to practice, practice, practice!

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