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NEW beginner Tai Chi class!

We’re on a roll!  The last Qigong class with parks and rec was successful so I am offering a 6-week Beginner Tai Chi course that starts on Friday 4/29 @ 6:30pm.  Don’t forget to register!  

Tai Chi class starts this Friday at 6:30pm and runs for 6 weeks.  This class will introduce meditation techniques, traditional qi gong stretching routines and the Tai Chi Quan short or ‘simplified’ form.  The short form is a collection of 30 movements performed with slow, graceful form that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed!

The class is being held in the Center Elementary School gym in Brookfield.  The gym is directly accessible from the parking lot via a separate entrance and has plenty of windows to provide ventilation and more than ample space (a full court gym) to practice with a lot of head room (20+ feet).   A great place to hold classes.

Please call Brookfield Parks and Rec to register at (203) 775-7310

Click here for more information and a complete schedule of classes

Any questions?  Call Sifu Vinny

Vinny CNEW beginner Tai Chi class!

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