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New Milford Parks & Rec classes for the Fall

Brookfield Tai Chi is on the road this fall offering three new Tai Chi and QI Gong classes at New Milford Parks and Rec starting next Tuesday and Thursday and run for either 4 or 6 weeks.  Classes will be held at The Silo at Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford, an arts and culinary organization. Here’s a picture of the practice room we can use during inclement weather, otherwise class can be held outside anywhere on the beautiful and picturesque grounds.  There’s even a small lake we can practice by if the weather is right.

Intro to Tai Chi Qi Gong – starts this Tuesday, 9/21 at 9am and will run for 6 weeks

Qi Gong – The Swimming Dragon – starts this Thursday, 9/23 at 9:30am and will run for 4 weeks

Qi Gong – Eight Pieces of Brocade – starts Thursday, 10/21 at 9:30am and run for 4 weeks

For class descriptions, more info, or to register for these classes please visit the New Milford Rec website

General questions concerning Tai Chi or Qi Gong call Sifu Vinny


Vinny CNew Milford Parks & Rec classes for the Fall

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