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Parks & Rec classes start this Friday & Monday!

Tai Chi Qi Gong for Health & Fitness starts Friday 1/26

The class is 4-weeks long.  Frequent qi gong practice can greatly reduce stress and anxiety, keep the body energized, limber, relaxed, fit and healthy.  Each 60-minute class will explore standing meditation in static and dynamic flowing poses and simple mindful stretching.
Friday 1/26—2/23 (no class 2/16) 6:30-7:30pm
Fee: $48  To register online press here

Tai Chi Quan for Beginners starts Monday 1/29

The class is now 8-weeks long and we take a more in depth look at the Tai Chi short form.  Each 90 minute class also introduces the classic standing meditation pose and traditional qi gong for mindful stretching. These classes are being held at the Brookfield High School Cafeteria.
Monday 1/29—3/25 (no class 2/19) 6:30-8:00pm
Fee: $120  To register online press here

Register online using the links above or call Brookfield Parks and Rec at (203) 775-7310

Press here for a complete schedule of classes at Brookfield Tai Chi studio.

Any questions?  Call Sifu Vinny


Vinny CParks & Rec classes start this Friday & Monday!

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