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Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!  With a new year comes a time to contemplate the past year and make adjustments for the future.  As Grandmaster Ken Cohen explained…

“2023 is a Water Rabbit Year. However, each animal also relates to an element. The Rabbit is Wood. Hence, this is a Water Wood Year. The first element “water” is called the “heavenly stem” and represents spirituality. The second element, wood, is called the “earthly branch” and symbolizes the physical world, especially the environment and economy.

Elements may be either in harmony or conflict. This year the elements are in harmony. Because water grows wood (element of the Rabbit), water is considered the mother of wood. Thus, in this Year of the Rabbit, the heavenly stem (water element) is the source of the earthly branch (wood). This indicates harmony of yin and yang, better economic and environmental policies, and in general opportunities for positive change.”

So prepare yourselves for positive change.  Allow time in your life for new or renewed opportunities. Stay well and remember to meditate and exercise daily!
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Hope to see you soon
~Sifu Vinny
Vinny CHappy Year of the Rabbit!

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